Now you have hurt me, My Love

Now you have hurt me for the first time,

but the hurt is deep.

You sleep, you hard, pitiless man

the sleep of death.

The forsaken one looks before her;

the world is empty.

I have loved and lived, I am not living anymore.

I withdraw silently within myself

the veil falls;

There I have you and my lost happiness

You, my world!


Schumann’s final song (the penultimate poem of Chamisso’s cycle)


Oh listen, have you felt hurt? Do you love that hurt you? I know you are, you are that one, you know my hurt, you feel that hurt… I know you are…

Indeed you have hurt me, hurt me so deeply, that I never imagine in my life, you can do, but Ah, you did, you deeply hurt me, I will not forgive you, you incurred a deep cut on my heart, a heart which was always beaten for you, a heart which always feels you, a heart which always sees you and a heart which always search you, but what you did, you hurt me of your departure, you departed abruptly, you went without met me, how rude you are, why you did with me this, my love.

You promised me to go far, far away long, you promised me to solve all our worries, you promised me to live happily very soon, but what you did, you departed so soon. I want to stop you, but never even told of going, if I had little clue of your departure, I would stop you, Ah but how, do I have the strength to stop you, no, I have not, I cannot stop you. But I need you, I need you to solve my worries, to stand rock against the evil, I know you want this, but I know He loves you more, so He calls you, Oh my love, tell your lover, help us, tell Him we need His help.

I think my love is glory, glory always departed soon, O glory of glory, bring glory to us, the glory which shines us, the locality and the world.

I know you are in me, I feel you, I touch you, I dream of you. I am nothing but you, I am ruined, a seed in the mud. I know you will grow with more glory, I know, you will.

O glory creator, have You seen the things they do, they are digressions, their forefathers were digression, but why they also, is their fate is a digression, why they are not coming to straight, so straight that they become Yours. O glory of Glory. O creator of the creator, You know, You have the power to divert the heart to the right, bring them to right.

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