What Am I? I am Lost, help me to Find

I am looking at what am I is made for. I am losing myself because of I. I am desperate to get what I lost but nothing I found I lost that is I. Ohh! God help me to find I, otherwise, I will be lost myself forever, and if that is so, I could not be anything but just a thing a thing which is useless and can’t even feel one to exist. I want to exist, exist like the great people who found themselves with ease and passion. I know I have lost my passion and so myself. Do you think I will stay like this, no I will do my best to find but you know people who always help you to be in lost. Why do you make such people who lost but helping others to lose? Are they the comrade of the devil? who was lost and is lost and I think will lost till the last day. Ohhh! God, I am not that one, I do not wanna that. You think you will find yourselves and you will get what you have desire, yes but finding yourself is not an easy task. You have to lose everything that might you want to lose but if you do, yes, I am sure you will find yourself. Come on! Help me to find me what I am, and what I was.

You are alone and you are everything, you find yourselves, and now helping others to find. I know I am not alone, but why do you need alone? I know that is the destiny but help me to be alone and find what am I. I am desperate to find you, where are you my friend, come with me and stay with me, I am nothing without you, you are everything. You are the one who made me I and now you are the one who may help me to find I. Help me out What am I? Help me to find I.

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