Media is a heap of Garbage

Media is known for informing the unaware and keeping them know their rights. And to highlight the flaws in the government. It is the primary function of the media. Indeed, one can never be objective and keep a distance from the problem, but it is professional to keep at least some distance. The modern world makes media a mouthpiece of the corporate elite. Journalists are the most sold soul on the planet.
It was once a concept related to journalists that they would be neutral, but now this term is a stranger to journalists. They have sold their soul to the hands of the owner, corporate class, the deep pocket or, more truly, to the devil. The journalist parted their position so vividly that even a minor could distinguish the pro or the opponent on the surface. Media has no beating heart once it had when some honorable people were part of it, now to maximum divided into two groups, government or opposition, with no neutral or upright ground where they can stand. And that is the sole reason for this angelic profession.
One wonders whether it has reached this destruction or was even from the start. No one knows this fact, but thanks to social media, it exposes the whole media corporate and the most credible corporation are falling like a paper card from the heart of the general public.
Media is now a professional dishonest, do what the government asked for, or the corporate boss. They have sold the sense of sensibility and reality. Recently it has shown the most distorted and ugly face to the public, which is why they are now beaten, embarrassed, humiliated, kidnaped and even killed.
Pakistani media is part of the international media and so in part with dooms. No sanity, no credibility and no morality in the journalists. All are busy praising the boss, the money, the corporate world, power and the devilish soul. 2o years back, Pakistani media had a separate part in the people’s hearts, but it has lost even the lightest feeling. Why? Because of the lack of neutrality and morality in the behavior and news.
European info lab shows the ugliest face of the Indian media. It exposes how they spread fake news to malign Pakistan. Indian talk shows and news is the mirror of Bollywood films. They are mentally living in the Bollywood world. They are the most ill-mannered media on the surface of the planet. They have no manners, ethics and even no morality of layman talking in groups or with the panelist. The old Bollywood style is everywhere in the news. One could be surprised that they even show movie clips in the news to satisfy their Bollywood soul. The opponents used a unique term, “Godi Media,” and I would recommend the rotten garbage media worldwide if I ask.
Western media is the most reliable outlet in the world, but this era of modernization makes it naked to the world. It put down the so-called neutrality layers from the face. Now they are empty, hollow inward and the most disgusting organizations. They have blood on the hands of hundreds of thousands of innocent people worldwide. They are equally responsible for the destruction of the world of innocent people. A report disclosed the evil designs of BBC, which got money from the British government to publish fake and distorted news against Russia. RT reports, “BBC secrets revealed: leaked files indicate UK state media engaged in anti-Moscow information warfare operations in Eastern Europe.” BBC was once the most reliable news agency in the world, but it also sold its soul to the hands of killers.
American media, once the most trusted and up-to-date in the world, but thanks to social media and modernization, scratched the innocent layer from the face. It is now the devil’s face, which can bring fear, death and sorrow. The most recent attack on Kabul airport which kills 13 US marines, more than 100 Afghans and 28 Taliban army men. But the headlines in their newspapers were that 12 US army men died in the Kabul blast. They were not mentioning the innocent Afghans in their headlines and talked about human rights abuses in Afghanistan by the Taliban. How disgusting the true face of the media outlets in the world is. They can never show the atrocities the allied forces committed in Afghanistan with Taliban and Afghan people in Iraq, Syria and Libya. They will never show the killing of Afghans for fun by the Australian army, cutting fingers as a trophy, getting permission from the Sweden armed forces to test their fighter jets in Afghanistan to get better purchase payment.
The glory is diminishing for the media, and people with sanity know little to listen and trust. Reality can never hide for a long time, so it is better to straighten our course of line on truth and neutrality. Adversary to that death is ultimately there because the sun cannot stop rising. It will rise with more glittering light as it is now above in the sky for Afghan land.

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