About Us is a page which provides information about Hujratalks. HujraTalks is a global online blog where people can get information about politics, education, food, travel, technology, sports. We pride ourselves on offering a platform for creative articles to educate visitors about these vibrant genres.
The About Us page gives the begining of our story begins in 2020, when our founder, Ibkhalil, had the idea to create a space where people could get productive information. He was inspired by the success of blogs and saw an opportunity to create a similar platform for visitors. Hujra Talks inspired by the Pashtun sitting place, where they solved their problems in a Hujra. This hujra sitting place is used to help the needy people as a community centre. Hujra is the epic centre for a consultation to provide space for inter-family and intra-family groups, which enhanced the unity and cohesiveness of the society. People living in the locality around Hujra participated in different ceremonies organized on daily basis.
Hujra plays a crucial role as a communal place for celebrating social and cultural events. Hujra has a permanent Jirga, always available to resolve conflicts between neighbours, which are quick, cheap, unbiased, and honoured by the people, because all the decisions are taken collectively with great collaboration and consultation. Role of Hujra is very vibrant in nature because it covers all aspects of the life of a person or community. It is worth mentioning that role of Hujra is not confined to local disaster management and humanitarian assistance but also dealing with respect to local issues. Hujra is a permanent volunteer’s centre, where volunteers are available all the time and in any such disaster, it is used to help the people.
Today, Hujra Talks is a growing blog to inculcate constructive information to the people of the world. We’re proud to offer a platform that helps support creative people for the creative world.