Coronavirus and New new World order

Covid-19 Phenomenon is a Cause of Reshaping the World Order

Invisible, without shape, weak and has no weight enemy of the human brought this fuss for the human being, yes it is Corona virus which was spreading in China Wuhan city in December last year, now has engulfed the whole world. Millions and Millions of people are in lockdown, no travel, no business and no contact; all these are done by the Covid–19 pandemic. The world is still in searching the cause and cure of this virus but the Elite Authority is started its new new world order and trying to control the people by the phenomenon of Panopticon; the total surveillance of the people.

Covid-19 phenomenon has brought drastic change in the lives of the people as well as in the world leaders’ behaviors. Now it seems that they are preparing to make new new world order. The Elite authority is now adjusting the world order.

History Repeats Itself

Yes history always repeats itself, now it is USA turn to step down as a world power and follow her predecessors’ catastrophic humiliation of; Roman Empire, Persian Empire, Ottoman Empire and British Empire. Now the Elite authority is shifting all her weight to China’s lap. The last one British Empire lost its World authority in failing to curb the Suez problem in 1956 caused of emerging new world Authority that was United State of America. This pandemic exposes the inability of the USA to halt the problem of the world. She failed to lead the world as she leads in past.

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma sent thousands and thousands of masks and testing kits to the world even to America snatched the position once it was possessed by American billionaires. The adjustment authority has decided to change the world power and reached to the conclusion that now china would be the world power, as she attains all the pre-requisites abilities once USA had had. The paradigm shifts due to corona virus is going to make world power and sets a new battle field where more skulls would be used to achieve the set result.

Wars and Pandemic is Necessary for NNWO

Wars and pandemic like covid-19 are the tools by which this NNWO; new new world order would be achieved. The arena would be Asia, where India will play a vital role in this regard because she sees the present time a blessing to go for the Akand (Greater) India. They have been told that you have to attack Pakistan. Israel is also setting to launch the final and full war against the neighbors to achieve greater Israel dream. For all this, destructions and catastrophe will be seen all over the world and millions of people will be scapegoated to get New New World Order (NNWO).

Is NNWO Indispensible?

I think yes, but the question is why and how? The difficult questions but need to be answered. The first one is “why”; People cannot be left unchecked what do they desire to do and how. Otherwise a panic like law of jungle will be created and it will lead more destruction and chaos. Therefore, there should be NNWO but it would be for the betterment of the entire human being not for the selected people as it now operates.  The second one “how” is very interesting As it is requiring the essential features which make NNWO indispensible: business, rule over oceans, run world institutions, world population control and surveillance over the people. All these would be achieved only if there is New new world order.

Pakistan Role

Pakistan as it is playing right now, no role is visible but in the long run she will be the key player in NNWO. It is India which will decide the role of Pakistan and that would be the attack of India over Pakistan. The attack will expose all the key players of the New World Order (NWO) and sets stage for the NNWO players.

Now the wait is over, no time is left to start NNWO, where the players will decide the fate of the entire world by their wars and pandemic.

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