Coronavirus a way to control the world

By nature, humans are greedy and have the instinct to control others and covid-19 is one way of many; thus find out different ways to do so. In a large spectrum, they try to control the world; therefore, humans divide themselves into two parts, one to control for good and the other for bad. Allah helps the good humans to control the world, and Satan helps the bad to control the world. This tug of war will continue till the end time or doomsday.

To control the world different scholars and scientists created and discovered different ways to control the world. Michel Foucault, a French scholar, presented two terms, Biopolitics and Biopower.

Biopolitics Through Covid-19

It is a complicated concept that has been used and developed in social theory since Michel Foucault to examine the strategies and mechanisms through which human life processes are managed under regimes of authority over knowledge, power, and the processes of subjectivation. (WordPress)


Biopower has power over bodies, an explosion of numerous and diverse techniques for achieving the subjugation of bodies and controlling the population. (Wikipedia)

New world order and capitalism are the glaring examples of Biopolitics; these are the concept that makes the world a global village, the old concept of the village where small numbers of people are aware of one another.

The invisible surveillance concept has deep-rooted in religion, where we are told that every action has been watched and recorded. So from this, Bentham got the idea of the Panopticon, a Greek god with a hundred eyes on his body. Bentham used it physically, but Michel Foucault used it psychologically, where people have been watched and controlled without even realizing Biopolitics.

The covid-19 situation is pretty much equaling to Biopolitics because now people are controlled physically and psychologically. The government machinery controls it physically, while electronic, print and social media control it psychologically.

The fear of death by an invisible killer (covid-19) makes it the task of world leaders to control the people’s movement. Now they are in a lockdown situation, just like a Panopticon way where they have been watched but cannot watch the guard (the killer). Social distancing, washing hands, using sanitizers, and using masks are examples of Biopower by which the subjugation of the population is achieved.

Mobile phones and the internet are the modern instances of Biopolitics and Biopower. Through this surveillance, no one can run from the hundred-eyed Greek god Panopticon. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, admitted in front of the US Senate committee that we had sold the users’ personal information to the multi-companies to track down the user accordingly; that is also Biopolitics, where people have been sold to the companies psychologically by the elite forces.

In the end, it is crystal clear that there is no free will in the world; the hundred-eyed god is watching everyone, and both good elite force and destructive elite force try their best to control the world with the help of modern tools that are social media, secret government agencies, CCTV cameras, internet, and cell phones. You have no free will to buy something, eat, or move; you are controlled physically and psychologically by the invisible guard, Panopticon.


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