World into Chaos by Invisible Enemy

I was sleeping in my room, heavy rain was raining, dark night, abruptly knocking was starting, and I realized that it might be some guest, but my room was in a deserted area and no guest was expected to come. Who it would be outside, fear with questions in mind. The knocking intensified which increases my fear. I even could not perceive that I am awake or asleep. What a strange situation it was. Do it be a devil, a creature, or a human? My mind was cracking with these questions.
One thing which made my mind-blowing was I alone in the room, where were my family, my father, mother, and cousins. No one was there. Did they lift me here to be eaten by that creature? Oh, fears, go away, I am waking, I am strong, I am fearless, go away.
The sound of knocking was coming near to me, it was feeling like it was beckoning me, but how? Who opened the door for the wraith, who let him in? I don’t know but sweat was slipping down my forehead. I realized that time was stopped and the outside world was ruined. Only I was there on that planet to face the menace of the universe. Oh God, what should I do?
I just mustered my courage to open my eyes to look at that very wraith or menace, which destroyed the whole world except me and now hunting me as the last prey. When I opened my eyes, to my astonishment there was nothing in my room, apparently, I sigh relaxed but the reality was harsh as that thing was invisible, so strange that he was spreading his hand to me and trying to kill me. But I survived because I did not listen to WHO, doctors, or Medicine cartels, influencing government agencies and the elite of the world. They first spread fears and chaos, second forced us to obey, and now to control our feet, mind, genes, and even belief. The coronavirus, the invisible so-called enemy of humanity, created a situation of starvation as the UN predicted. So who are worsen enemies of Humanity, the virus, or the Elite cartel of the world? You must decide for yourselves because I survived and will survive next time also.

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