Fear An Inner Enemy to Erode a body

Most of the time, an unseen and unimaginable enemy is more fatal than the real enemy. Fear is a kind of enemy that can start your body to melt like salt. Fears are many as many humans but all are the same in nature means more deadly than any deadly weapon in the world. How is it so deadly? Obviously, some unseen thing can harm you physically or mentally. Before reaching that harm, one could lay down weapons and start melting physically and mentally. One thing that could say is to save from that deadly unseen enemy. One must be on the right path because if it is so, an unseen protector starts fighting against that very enemy.

As it is mentioned above, fears are many kinds, the unlawful act done in the past, unethical acts in the past, unreligious acts, legal but still fear the illegal people, ethical but still fear of defamation in a society, fully legal, ethical, in line with religion but still fear of satanic forces. The last one is hunting a lot, but one must have a great fate on Allah Almighty, who helps the true people who always stand against the wrongdoers in society. Our forefathers, father, relatives, and now we, the third generation, are on the same footing.

The society is enjoying the satanic forces, the majority people, unlawful gainers, great wealth, great power both societal and governmental but still weak; we are less, weak financially, weak in support, weak in strength, but still strong because our zeal, resolve and good fate are the blessing of Al Mighty Allah who stands with us and all the right forces.

Now the question is how one can overcome this fear. Though the answer is simple, not very simple, it is so philosophical because this satanic war will continue till the end of the world. Can it be overcome, not the answer is that it can be diverted to strength, which boosts one energy more positively and constructively. There is a stage that can make that fear strength and fear in the hearts of satanic forces.

But that thing can only be achieved when one always stands on the right path and against the satanic forces without compromising the true essence of good. The remaining fears are minor because if you leave the wrong path, the fears will vanish. So the most deadly and fatal is the last one when the whole world of satanic force goes against you, and you feel loneliness on a battlefield. You could not see any help but Allah almighty. Almighty Allah only can help you, only Allah can give you strength to stand against these, only Allah can save you from these forces because Allah is with you, Allah is the owner of our life, and we will return to Him with a wide chest. Be with us, Al Mighty Allah. Ameen.

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