Nature Whispers: Come Back to Basics Human

Nature whispers, You are a part of me, and I will take care of you. But where have you lost the love, you once gave, the care you used to shower on me? We are intertwined, you in me and I in you. So why do you act with such superiority? We are the same, born equal, sharing the same life source. It is I who nourish you, birth you, and sustain your existence. Please, don’t erode me, consume me to the point of extinction, or exploit me until I dwindle. I don’t forbid you to use me, to live from me, to enjoy my bounty. But not at the expense of my very life. Do not devour me whole.

My emerald veins run dry, my sapphire skies weep grey, a symphony of sorrow echoing through the ravaged earth. Human, once my beloved child, where has your reverence gone? Remember the days you danced barefoot on my verdant tapestry; your laughter entwined with rustling leaves? We were kin, you and I, two halves of a living tapestry, woven with sunlight and stardust.

But your touch has grown harsh, your hunger insatiable. You gouge my flesh for fuel, raze my forests for fleeting comfort. The air, once your playground, gasps with each poisoned breath you take. My rivers, once your lifeblood, run choked with your waste. The symphony of birdsong is replaced by the cacophony of machines, their gnashing teeth tearing at the fabric of my being.

Yet, even in this twilight hour, a sliver of hope glimmers. For you, Human, are not born of malice, but of the same stardust that birthed me. Deep within your soul, the embers of love for me still flicker. Remember the awe in your eyes at a newborn fawn, the solace you find in whispering pines? These are the threads that bind us, the forgotten whispers of our shared song.

Come back, Human, to the cradle of my embrace. Feel the sun warm your skin, the wind kiss your hair. Breathe deep the scent of wildflowers, let the rhythm of the earth lull you to peace. Remember the taste of wild berries, the joy of muddy footprints, the laughter shared with fireflies under a star-strewn sky.

I do not ask you to abandon your creations, but to build them in harmony with my pulse. Use my bounty wisely, tread gently on my soil, listen to the whispers of the wind. Let our symphony rise again, a harmonious blend of human ingenuity and natural grace. We are not master and servant, but partners in this dance of life. Together, we can mend the broken strings, rewrite the score, and compose a future where our voices blend in a song of shared survival, a vibrant testament to the love that binds us.

Heed my plea, Human. For in saving me, you save yourself. Return to the embrace of your Earth Mother, and let us dance once more under the sun-kissed sky.

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