5 Best Foods in Winter for Best Health

Conquer the chill with the best foods in winter! As icy winds howl and frosted landscapes shimmer, adventurous palates are out and about (or online!) seeking the season’s most soul-warming culinary treasures. But with COVID-19 keeping many cozy at home, banishing winter boredom while nourishing your body with immunity-boosting goodness is equally important.

If you want to make your winter the best then add some delicious, tasty, and healthy food to your daily routine in winter and make your winter more interesting, joyful, healthy, and last but not least, make your winter warmer than else. There we go to list out some best foods in winter to make your winter warmer and happier by curing your nutrient deficiency and providing you stronger immunity and defense against flu, cold, fever, and viruses such as influenza virus and even coronavirus.

List of Best Foods in Winter

Here we listed the 5 best foods for your winter season and hence you can make your winter warmer and healthier. In Pakistan and throughout the world most people belong to the middle or lower class, so, the foods are listed for the persons of these classes especially.

  • Soup
  • Potatoes
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Nuts/dry fruits
  • Tea/Green tea/Coffee/Kashmiri chai
  • Fish
  • Boiled eggs
  • Daleem
  • Halwa
  • Fruits {pomegranate\citrus such as oranges}

Qualities of Best Foods in Winter

A food is called best then it should possess some qualities which are the following,

  • The food must be nutritious.
  • It must be easily digestible.
  • The item should warm the body.
  • Have the capacity to keep the body healthy.
  • Must have a delicious taste.
  • Suitable for all bodies either kids or adults.
  • Should have an affordable price for the common man.

5 Best Foods in Winter

To make the cold and chilly winter, healthy and warm for you now we are discussing some best foods in winter along with their effects when eaten by someone.

  1. Halwa a Winter Best Food

The most delicious sweet dish in winter is halwa. There are different varieties of halwa such as gajjr{carrot} ka halwa, anday{eggs}ka halwa, etc. It is not an expensive item and is also easy to cook and digest. It keeps the body warm and as it contains nutrients it’s healthy too.

  1. Best Healthy Soup

Another tasty dish in winter is soup which is a favorite of almost all people. It keeps the body warm and healthy. It is affordable too. There are different types of soup such as chicken soup, vegetable soup, etc. It not only warms your body internally but also provides immunity against viruses especially COVID-19 which cannot exist in warm environments. It is easy to cook within a short time and also good for the stomach because it is easy to digest.

  1. Boiled Eggs are the Best Food for the Best Health 

Boiled eggs are extremely beneficial in winter, especially for those who suffer from flu or cold. Despite this, it is a healthy and nutritious food so it is good for a healthy diet. These are also not expensive and easily available.

  1. Daleem the Best Food in Winter

Another best dish in chilly weather is daleem. Commonly, people called it haleem. But Haleem is the name of Almighty Allah and the dish is daleem. Because it is the mixture of different cereals {daal} therefore it is called a daleem. It is a highly nutritious food and also keeps warm your body in winter. You can cook it easily within less time and make it tasty and spicy with the addition of good masalas in it.

  1. Tea\Green Tea\Kashmiri Chai\Coffee\Red Tea Good in Winter

Another fantastic food in winter is liquid items as mentioned. Tea is a good one to keep you warm and relieve headaches. Green tea has amazing anti-oxidants. Kashmiri chai has its unique delicious taste; despite that also keeps your body warm. Red tea is effective for one who suffers from flu fever or cold. Coffee is another warmer for your body. You can enjoy yourself with its unique taste.

In a nutshell, these foods are not specified; you can eat other foods, but keep your health and your pocket in mind. If you think about it, not only in winter but throughout the year you will enjoy yourself. Stay healthy and safe.

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