Five Best Tea Types for Best Health

Tea is an integral part of our daily diet, and it may improve our health. Taking tea has many health benefits, including reducing stress and depression. Tea also can reduce heart diseases and improve blood flow in the whole body. There are many types of tea, but here we discuss five different types of tea. Let us see the benefits and various uses of these types of tea. The list of different types of tea discussed in this article is mentioned below.

  1. Black Tea
  2. Green Tea
  3. White Tea 
  4. Herbal Tea
  5. Yellow Tea

1. Black Tea

Black tea is more reliable in flavor and oxidized than other types of tea. Studies show that regularly taking black tea is very helpful in reducing heart disease. Black tea has a calming effect because it contains stimulants caffeine and L-theanine. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of black tea are given.

Advantages of Black Tea

Black tea has a lot of health benefits like

  • Black tea has antioxidant properties.
  • It is good to reduce heart disease.
  • Black tea is helpful in reducing the risks of high blood pressure.
  • It may control flu and stroke.
  • Black tea lowers blood sugar levels.
  • It may help in controlling high cholesterol.

Disadvantages of Black Tea

No doubt, black tea has a significant number of benefits, but some problems might be caused by taking black tea.

  • Black tea may cause fast breathing and irregular heart beating.
  • It may increase urination.
  • Taking a large quantity of tea can create difficulty in sleep.
  • Black tea also causes anxiety.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is also one of these different types of tea. Green tea contains health-promoting compounds. Drinking green tea regularly provides many health benefits. 3-5 cups of green tea in a day helps you in losing weight. Here some benefits and issues are mentioned that can be occurred by taking green tea.

Advantages of Taking Green Tea 

We can get the following benefits by taking green tea regularly.

  • It reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Green tea is helpful in reducing weight.
  • It may reduce diabetes and cancer.
  • Green tea improves bad breathing.
  • Green tea improves mental health.

Disadvantages of Green Tea

Green tea does not create any serious issues for human health, but taking a high quantity of green tea can cause the following issues

  • It may cause kidney and liver problems.
  • A high dose of green tea can create stomach disorders.

3. White Tea

White is a delicate tea; it is made from a new, unopened bud of camellia Sinensis. White tea is one of the natural tea. It has a considerable amount of antioxidants than green tea, which might be a healthier choice. Like black and green tea, it is also rich in antioxidants.

Advantages of White Tea

  • Helpful in reducing heart disease.
  • It fights against cancer
  • Taking white tea protects teeth from bacteria
  • Like green tea, it is also suitable for losing weight.

Disadvantages of White Tea

Some studies show that white tea increases the risks of diabetes.

4. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is also one of the types mentioned above of tea. It has a massive variety of flavors. Herbal tea is also famous as a calming tea. Herbal tea is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals because it is made up of different types of herbs, dried fruits, and flowers. Some herbal teas made from ginger and turmeric are good for inflammatory issues. Elderberry, ginger, and licorice root tea are best for a robust immune system.

Advantages of Herbal Tea

It lowers the risks of chronic disease.

Herbal tea is suitable for different infections.

Herbal teas are good for boosting immunity.

Disadvantages of Herbal Tea

  • Herbal teas have many benefits, but it also has some risks to human health.
  • Herbal tea causes Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Poor sleep
  • Headache
  • It improves stress and anxiety

5. Yellow Tea

Yellow tea has a great sweet, bright taste and is helpful in reducing weight. Yellow tea has gained great popularity in the world. Chinese yellow tea is called “Huangshan”. It is made from the camellia Sinensis tea plant. Yellow tea is one of the most expensive beverages.

Advantages of Yellow Tea

  • It fights against brain stroke
  • Good for liver
  • It lowers signs of aging
  • Taking yellow tea increases appetite
  • Good for losing weight.
  • It makes teeth and bones strong.

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