ecolinguistics,Tree is life not only fpr human but for all species. source Tomedes

What is Ecolinguistics?

Ecolinguistics is the combination of ecology and linguistics means the study of language in relation to human, other species and environment. Contents1 Ecolinguistics: A new Emerging Discipline in Linguistics2 Presentation3 Authentic Background4 Ecolinguistics and Ecology4.1 Ecolinguistics’ Approaches4.2 Common4.3 Mental4.4 Social4.5 Bio-intelligent (normal),4.6 Ideo-sensible (mental)4.7 Socio-sensible (social)5 Ecolinguistics Today 6 Ecolinguistics as a Platform7 Effect on …

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Mother's love is eternal, for the children source Steemit

Mother: An Eternal love for the Children

My friend who found his whole life could not even imagine a moment without her love, and that was his mother, a true love. Indeed mother, without her life is incomplete, without her consent, no one can enter paradise, yes she was my true love, my mother.