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WhatsApp New Privacy Policy: A New Threat to Life

WhatsApp was dispatched in 2009, with a plan to give free admittance to the overall population for correspondence. All through these 05 years, its excursion was smooth, however, when it was purchased by Facebook in 2014, good and bad times had begun in its manner. As it is said that there is no free lunch on the planet, that was the maxim with the Whatsapp that why we offer free types of assistance to our public. How about we sell all our public. What’s more, presently in the event that you are purchasing something free, you are an item, and you will be sold out without your assent, that is the reason WhatsApp dispatched new security strategy which could be a danger to life.

New Privacy Policy

The new security strategy is becoming effective till 8 February, which implies you need to acknowledge it or no option to utilize free assistance of the Whatsapp, that is it. To start with, we should talk about its new security strategy.

The new security strategy of Whatsapp has the accompanying highlights which would be imparted to Facebook;

Your name

Your telephone modular

Telephone number

Signal strength

Battery status



Show photograph

Contact list

IP address

IMEI number

Time Region



Portable organization

What number of quantities of the client utilized Wi-Fi?

How long a client is on the web?

What is seen for the most part on the web?

Where the client visited for the most part (Places)?

Which inn is utilized for food usually? Wireless Headphones/earbuds are presently Risk for wellbeing

Intrigues or Facts about New Privacy strategy

Everywhere on the world particularly the underdeveloped nations are in a frenzy about Whatsapp new protection strategy since they feel that it is a prejudicial demonstration, just objective the agricultural nations. Recall that this arrangement is for Asia and Africa just, Europe and America don’t go under this new protection strategy. Presently nobody will be free except for it is an excursion towards the complete reconnaissance, where no demonstration of anybody can be unwatched. India, Pakistan and Turkey show worry over this new strategy. Since these three nations clients included 80 million alone. Is Whatsapp prepared to disintegrate these bits of hearsay or schemes or truth be told they will build it? Individuals are accepting the drifters since they were watching the history of Facebook when British Cambridge Analytica revealed that large number of individuals security had sold, and which was utilized to impact the Brexit and American political race. New Apple iPhones 12 and 12 ace Are Ready into a Palm

The option for the Public

telegram-vs-signal source Tech Now
telegram-vs-signal source Tech Now

message versus signal source Tech Now

General society are currently truly pondering the other option, and there are some applications which will occur of Whatsapp, on the off chance that it doesn’t reclaim its new security strategy, individuals will go or truth be told, has begun going to elective applications. These applications are:

Signal App, It is very much said that on the off chance that you deal with the issue, another person is there to get the advantages, and yes signal downloads are expanded significantly. Prior to this issue, Its downloads was 0.25 million every week, and now it is 8.8 million. Too many downloads make its worker occupied which power the organization to tweet about it new traffic. Elon Musk, CEO of Space X, additionally tweet in the courtesy of the sign application.

Message, the most advantageous application is wire since its development increments after the issue by 10.13 million contrasted with its past week after week downloads of 6.5 million. It shows individuals are as of now searching for the other option.

Whatsapp business

In this disputable period, the Whatsapp downloads diminished from 10.13 million to 9.2 million. The SEO of Whatsapp tweeted as of late that our approach close to the start to finish encryption doesn’t transform, we will just expand the business. At the point when it was purchased by Facebook in 2014 on 19 billion dollars, so it was anticipated that now its use will before long beginning for business reason, and now the opportunity has arrived. In 2020, Mark Zuckerberg said that we have an arrangement to combine all the three online media text couriers, his point was towards the Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. So now the inquiry is will Whatsapp hold its 2 billion clients everywhere on the world by venturing down of the new arrangement or not? Coming days are exceptionally critical for it since Turkey completely halted it and dispatched its own application, which cost the Whatsapp Company a large number of dollars.

My Experience with Whatsapp

It was extremely pitiful and unpleasant in light of the fact that my record was hacked 4 to 6 time and I was constantly illuminating the organization about the issue. However, they were resting profoundly, they just revealed to me that it is preposterous to expect to hack your record. I sent those tweets with the record, pictures of screen capture yet no answer. You will be shocked that the programmer was utilizing my phone like his own, anything he desires he could do, and undoubtedly he did. I had iPhone, at that point change to Samsung however the issue is continuing as before. Thusly, I quit utilizing Whatsapp, I will share those tweets as a record that it has been tweeted to WhatsApp tweeter account. There is no security in WhatsApp, and anybody can be touching in your PDA and will break your protection.


To summarize, it is smarter to utilize web-based media cautiously as could really be expected, don’t keep significant things in your cell phone, which you can’t have any desire to share, on the grounds that once they are in your wireless, it’s not yours,  yet for general society.

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