Time ever exist: the unit of life

Time ever exist: The Unit of Life

Time cannot be beaten but time can beat you   ibkhalil

Humans are unique creatures of Almighty Allah, who have been circled in time. Humans cannot go out from the time zone. We have to live in a circle and do all the things that we think and perceive. Out of that circle means we will be no more human. It is time that makes us human, having feelings, emotions, affection, hatred, thoughts, and superiority. Almighty Allah has given time to our universe. This universe revolves in its own time circle. There is the great hope of chances that other universe with their own time circle. They have no concern with our universe and even our time.  Almighty Allah creates not only our universe creatures but other universe creatures also. They have their own time circle, very different from our time circle. Like Jinn or angels, these creatures are totally different from humans and do not come under the human time circle.

Let’s take an instance of ant, if you put ant somewhere at point A and, put food for it on point B.  now the situation is like, you are out of the time circle of ant, but that ant is living in his time circle. He doesn’t know that at point B, the food is waiting for him. You as a human know the very fact that at point B, the food is there and after some time he will be there to eat. Human is out of ant circle and has no bond to be affected by that time circle. The human who puts the foods knows each and everything in the path. Even what hardship is coming to that ant during the search for food. But the ant is unaware of all those hardships and the struggle that would be happened to him in search of that very food. This process is done to humans by the jinn and angels. And all of above, there is Almighty Allah, who knows every bit of second of creatures, because He is sitting out of all creature’s time circle and looks at their destination of life.

zero time before big bang blast
Time ever exist: The unit of life

Stephen Hawking in the theory of time says that there are zero boundaries, which means there is no time before the big bang evolution. At the academy of pontifical in 2016, he says, “Asking what came before the Big Bang is meaningless, according to the no-boundary proposal, because there is no notion of time available to refer to.” Moreover, Santa Barbara explained, “We didn’t have birds in the very early universe; we have birds later on. … We didn’t have time in the early universe, but we have time later on.”

I have a contradictory opinion about Hawking’s time theory. He said that before the big bang blast, there is no time concept but I am asking if time is thereafter big bang then how it had happened 14 billion years back without time. It is logical that time was there but different after the blast. The Time zone changed from the previous to a new one after the blast, as jinn and angels enter into the new time zone. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went also totally different time zone in the journey of Arsh. Moreover, this blast doesn’t happen by self, but some power was and is there. And that power has created a time zone before and after the blast. After some time, the earth got its own time zone and so as other things and creatures.

The beating of time means eternal life, it is only possible when we wake up from death on doomsday. After justice is done, the human and jinn will be divided into paradise and hell for eternal life.  All it means that we are human because of our time zone, expulsion from the allocated time zone, means no human being. Now the question is, is the visit of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to Arsh; the sitting place of Almighty Allah, is defying of time zone?

Yes, he has been given the power to get out of his time zone for a while, which was a miracle. Some powerful can enter into inferior’s time zone. As above instance reveals that we enter into the time zone of ant, and know all the knowledge of the time zone of ant, but he doesn’t. Jinn and angel can enter into our time zone and even know but little, what will happen to us. Almighty Allah, is out of all time zones of all creations, He is the creator and the creator knows all the time zones’ activities of the creations.  He is above all and sets each and every activity for the creations.

Another fact about time is very interesting and, that is the difference. Living things time zone is different than non-living things. Even universe bodies’ time zones are different from each other. The earth’s time zone is very interesting because its time zone gives love, emotion, thinks, feeling, hatred, envy, and mind to be superior from all. No other creations have this time zone and these characteristics. These are special features of the earth’s living things.

Is jinn earth creation?

Yes, but in the superior time zone of the earth. They can enter into the human time zone and can defy the human time zone. The human can, but with some special powers, be bestowed by Satan or Almighty Allah. Jinn and humans are different because creation materials are different. Human is made of mud and jinn from fire. Both have different features and characteristics.

In simple words, humans are human because time, compassion, love, affection, and hatred are all human time zone’s characteristics. We do not need to get out of our time zone but live with dignity and do all good human things as being bestowed by Almighty Allah.

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