5G Technology effects on human and environment. Source Forbes

The Effects of 5G Technology on Human and Environment

What is 5G Technology?

5G technology is the 5th generation mobile network. It is the latest global wireless technology after 1G (analogue voice, the 1980s), 2G (CDMA, 1990s), 3G (mobile data, 2000s), and 4G (mobile broadband, 2010s) networks. 5G network is the high tech technology that connects human to machines virtually. Humans to machines, machines to machines and machines to humans will connect via 5G technology.

5G technology provides higher Gbps data speed as compare to 4G technology. Its speed is 20 Gbps, which is considered the revolution speed in human history. It is more reliable, have a massive network capacity, easy availability, and more user friendly. With these features, it becomes more efficient to users and enhances connectivity to machines, industries and devices. Apart from previous cellular technologies, 5G networks rely on signals carried by radio waves that are part of the electromagnetic spectrum and are transmitted between an antenna or mast and the phone.

We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation, from television and radio signals, as well as from a whole range of technologies, including mobile phones, and from natural sources such as sunlight. 5G uses higher frequency waves than previous cellular networks, allowing more devices to access the internet at the same time and at higher speeds. These waves travel shorter distances through urban spaces, so 5G networks require more cell towers than previous technologies, which are placed closer to ground level.

Who owns 5G?

The simple answer is no one. Different companies are working on this technology and try to compete in earlier launching. The giant companies are Qualcomm, Huawei, Samsung and Apple. All these companies work hard to bring this new technology to life and provide a win-win situation to all. Still, they are in the testing stage and struggle hard to unearth every stone to launch as earlier as possible. Some countries and companies are making hurdles to competitors in this regard. USA and its allies try best to stop Huawei a China Tech company from launching 5G in the world. As it is a fact that most of 5G devices and related parts are made by Huawei Company.

5G Effects on Human

The radiofrequency radiation (RFR) harmful to human biologically. More than 500 studies and 240 scientists published peer-review research works reveal the truth that human body exposure to RFR and nonionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) can harm human biologically. The following assertions are made;

  1. RFR and EMF affect living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines.
  2. Effects include increased cancer risk,
  3. Cellular stress,
  4. Increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system,
  5. Learning and memory deficits,
  6. Neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans.
  7. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.
5G Technology effects on Human and environment, Source Pharma Trax
5G Technology effects on Human and environment, Source Pharma Trax

The 240 scientists and medical doctors who signed the 5G Appeal that calls for an immediate moratorium on the deployment of 5G and demand that our government fund the research needed to adopt biologically-based exposure limits that protect our health and safety.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in 2014 that there is no idea of ​​cell phone use that can affect health. As the WHO exposes this pandemic, people rarely believe the WHO’s findings. However, WHO, together with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has classified all radiofrequency radiation (which includes mobile signals) as “potentially carcinogenic”. It has been placed in this category because there is inconclusive evidence that exposure can cause cancer in humans.

A toxicology report published in 2018 by the U.S. Department of Health and referenced by those expressing safety concerns found that male rats exposed to high doses of radiofrequency radiation developed a type of cancerous tumour in the heart. Andrew Wood and his team, which are part of the multi-institutional Australian Center for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR), are also important contributors to the assessment of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

They release a statement they have observed about the biological effect of cell phone electromagnetic radiation as a result of a rise in temperature, Wood goes on to explain: “There are also concerns that there may be more subtle effects, such as links between exposure and certain species. Cancer, but while there is some evidence from epidemiological and animal studies, these remain controversial”

5G mobile technology promises a ten-time increase in data transmission speeds compared to current 4G networks, which will be achieved by using a higher transmission frequency. The physiological effects of electromagnetic radiation change with frequency, so the innovation of 5G technology led to a major international concern of relevant radiation safety guidelines, for which there is consensus that there is insufficient data for a meaningful health risk assessment.

But Andrew Wood’s team has yet to see the main problem at or below the generally accepted limit for electromagnetic radiation in the current international standards applicable to mobile technologies.

As the frequency increases, the depth of penetration into biological tissues continues deeper, so that the skin and eyes, even the brain, become major health organs, Wood says. The next major hurdle we face is that the energy levels of mobile and wireless telecommunications are largely low, causing at most a temperature rise of a few tenths of a degree in the tissue. Therefore, picking up unambiguous biological changes is very difficult.

However, it will be important to balance the risk and the reward, so the scientist needs more hard work to explore more ways to control the waves of 5G and its adverse health effects. Otherwise, it would be catastrophic for mankind that man nullifies his self-discovery. The naturalists are still on the hunt that humans have destroyed our Earth because of new innovations, especially in science and technology.

Behind the scenes, studies modelling the absorption patterns of 5G electromagnetic energy in human tissue. Many countries have started testing in different areas and are trying to study their impact on the human body.

Though the industries related to 5G technology are blaming the scientists for exaggerating things. They argue these scientists are tech mongering and making people live in the 15 century. There is no proper test on human of this technology. They get hypothesis from the rat testing, which is totally different from human, as a human is more risk resister than a rat.

5G Effects on the Environment

The 5G network will inevitably lead to a major increase in consumer energy consumption, which is already one of the main causes of climate change. In addition, the production and maintenance of the new technologies related to 5G create waste and uses important resources that have harmful effects on the environment. 5G networks use technology that has harmful effects on birds, which in turn have cascading effects throughout ecosystems. In a study by the Punjab University Center for Environmental and Occupational Studies, researchers noted that sparrows’ eggs were deformed after just 5-30 minutes of exposure to radiation from a cell tower. The malformation of birds exposed to these frequencies for such a short period of time is significant, as the new 5G network will have a much higher density of base stations (small cells) in areas requiring connectivity.

In addition, Warnke found that mobile devices had an adverse effect on bees. In this study, hives exposed to 900 MHz waves for only ten minutes were victims of colony collapse disturbance. Colony collapse disorder is when many of the bees that live in the hive leave the hive, leaving behind the queen, the eggs and a few worker bees. The worker bees exposed to this radiation had also impaired their navigation skills, preventing them from returning to their original hive after about ten days. Eco-system is based on bees also, disturbance bees mean disturbance of eco-system. Bees are an essential part of agriculture because it plays a very important role in pollination and pollination is the backbone of food production in agriculture. Bees not only pollinate the plant, which we eat, but they are also important for the livestock. Without bees, a vast majority of the food eaten today would be lost or at least very limited. Climate change has already led to a major decline in the world’s bee population and food.

People are part of the environment, harm to people means harm to the environment. The proposed antennas that would be installed at 100 to 200 meters mean more radiation and more space capture. More space means no trees, no trees means little space for animals. More mast means more heat in the environment. And more heat means climate change, which is the starting point for its negativity. Human new creations always bring some destruction to humans and the environment. Our scientific discoveries and creations make it difficult to live peacefully on Earth and in our environment. Our advancement in science and technology arouses fears in other species. Since they are also part of this Earth and man is not the only central figure, he must take care of these species, otherwise, we are approaching the brink of self-destruction by advancing in technologies.

In summary, I have to say that whatever man creates has more adverse effects than its benefits. The glaring example is plastic, which is going to ruin our ecosystem. The world needs to wake up and before they get any financial benefits they need to see the implication of 5G first, resolve that implication and then move on. Otherwise, the Earth, climate change, animals and our future generation will not forgive us.

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