Pakistan Democratic Movement

Pakistan Democratic Movement: A savage platform to save Democracy

Recent scenario

What a win in a senate election by the Imran government yesterday 12 March 2021. Indeed, Pakistan Democratic Movement had the majority in the upper house but the glaring seven members spoil their votes just to drop a chairmanship to Sadiq Sanjarani. What a move my PM Imran. Now the game is very open because Pakistan Democratic Movement has very little to do. It was a big blow to them. Let’s see what they will do in near future. As they decided to start a long march on 26 March 2021. They are confident that they will extract something positive from march. 13 days are lifted to see their strength in march in March.

Pakistan Democratic Movement Meeting

20 September, a glaring day for the Pakistani people, because all the so-called democratic forces gathered in Islamabad, to think only for Pakistan and Pakistani people, though all have ruled Pakistan for more than 10 years, still they are thirst to serve the nation more in concrete level. Why do Pakistani political leaders always start realistic politics in opposition only? Why do they not perform well while in power? Is it a psychological defect or some inbuilt fault? These million dollar questions cannot be answered because the people of Pakistan have short memories, according to them, only oppositions are the saviour of Pakistan.

The most interesting thing which is observable regarding the opposition movement is the liberals. Who are always ready to make some business in the turmoil of Pakistani politics, now they backed all their energy to the opposition to get some fruits but in reality, they will get fruits but that would be juiceless.

Maulana and Driving Seat

Today’s hope was not very much different from the past when Maulana was used by these. Though personal grudging was there, they were hoping to get something out of that, they failed totally until now.

The liberals and fundamentalists were sides by side during the Maulana’s sit-in in Islamabad where some hopeful journalists were also participating to get their part of the fruit. These people are always playing this game with the people of Pakistan. Every time now and then they are maltreated by these giants.

Now the present scenario is building so interesting that both labral and fundamentalist’s are facing each other with triumphant. All set eyes on Maulana and Nawaz Sharif to sail smoothly in the stormy ocean but it will never happen. Why it is so difficult? Power hunger makes them go down to nadir, the lowest place on earth and in respect. The situation is so interesting during the APC when an absconder appeals to all that we have to liberate our judiciary, army, institutions, and others.

How pathetic we are as Pakistani to listen to the absconder about our fate, with which he played for more than 30 years. It is confirmed now that the so-called opposition had a meeting with the army chief and ISI chief one week before the APC. They were cleared about the role of the army in politics and briefed actually taught a lesson to be in line with(…).

People of Pakistan

It is time for us now to be realistic, logical, and thoughtful about these people regardless of opposition or treasury bench, all are the same. Imran khan, in opposition, was the most realistic person to Pakistanis. He always looked to be dead for Pakistan but now in government what his achievement, all the mafias are around him. They threaten and dictate to facilitate themselves. We as Pakistani are puppeteers used by these politicians for the service of these mafias. If we want to survive, put a stop to these mafias, or be ready to be used forever.

It is pretty clear now to all that almost all politicians are gathered only for their service and benefits. They don’t have a soft corner or are ready to make themselves correct and truly serve the nation, no way. They aren’t those souls now. We as Pakistani need to search for a new one true spirited and realistic Pakistani to serve the nation. We need to trust ourselves, not others, and that would be a new day of success.

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