Free America From Lobby System

Now it is Time to Free America

Free will is something that is always being compromised. Free will has been diminished by democracy, religion, norms, customs, and traditions. These tools are used by wise men to control the general public. As lobbyists do in America to halt the free will of the people.

Free Will

A capability to perceive, think, and act without any coercion, advice, information, or knowledge. (Ibkhalil)

From a religious perspective, all religions are agreed that Almighty Allah has given free will to humans. But does not leave without knowledge of good and bad. Humans have kept on the straight path, therefore, almighty Allah sends prophets, books, and good men. These people have the sole responsibility to aware the general public about the good and bad paths, nothing else.

But America is a unique state, which has another system to enslave the people, and halt the free will of the general public; that’s the lobby system. The lobby system in America grabs the freedom of the general American and molds it accordingly.

History of lobby System

The founding fathers especially James Madison and George Washington were intended to design such a government system in which no powerful interest group dominate the system. According to Madison, a faction of people should not be given the power to subdue the will of the general public. But what he and others intend to, happened opposite of that. Now the faction is equated to general interest or simply interest group, the most powerful in America to do whatever they intend to do. It becomes a 3.5 billion dollars corporate industry, hiring thousands of agents to influence the legislators and executives.

Free America From Lobby System
Free America From Lobby System

It is believed that this system is protected by the right to petition and free speech in the first amendment and three constitutional provisions. Further, the decisions of the supreme court give judiciary validation to the system, cut the rein of the mighty horse to go anywhere and do whatever. The following remarks of the supreme court during the Rumely v. united states case is a strong validation;

In support of the power of Congress it is argued that lobbying is within the regulatory power of Congress, that influence upon public opinion is indirect lobbying, since public opinion affects legislation; and that therefore attempts to influence public opinion are subject to regulation by the Congress. Lobbying, properly defined, is subject to control by Congress, …

But the term cannot be expanded by mere definition so as to include forbidden subjects. Neither semantics nor syllogisms can break down the barrier which protects the freedom of people to attempt to influence other people by books and other public writings. … It is said that lobbying itself is an evil and a danger. We agree that lobbying by personal contact may be an evil and a potential danger to the best in legislative processes. It is said that indirect lobbying by the pressure of public opinion on the Congress is an evil and a danger. That is not an evil; it is a good, the healthy essence of the democratic process. …


The Lobbying Disclosure Act (pdf File) also provides for the legality of political lobbying. Concerning both the legislative and executive branches of the government, this act defines what constitutes a lobbyist and her required government registration, what lobbyist actions consist of, and how lobbyists must comply in order to avoid penalties. The Lobbying Disclosure Act was enacted to ensure that lobbying is publicly registered. While acknowledging the importance of lobbying, the act allows the public to evaluate any undue influences that may be affecting decision-making in the government.

During the 20th century, the lobby system became professional. The professionals took the place of retired legislators, who were more experienced and stood with state and federal government. But now the professionals look only at the interest of the corporation for whom they are being hired and paid heavily. The American magazine, ‘Clarence Woodbury’ described John Thomas Taylor, the most successful lobbyist in the history of the world. He got 10,000$ annually in the 1940s. He contributed to passing 630 different bills, worth 13 billion dollars. Due to that president, Herbert Hoover described ‘a locust swarm of lobbyists’ that haunted the halls of congress.

Who is a lobbyist?

According to the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, and amendments made by the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, a professional lobbyist is someone who:

Is paid by a client, whose services include more than one lobbying “contact” (an elected official or members of their staff) and whose lobbying activities constitute 20 percent or more of his time on behalf of that client during any three-month period.

Mostly, they are the retired congressmen, legislators, their staff. They have experience, know the process, and have a relation with the congress’ staff, legislators and executives. Moreover, they know the way to get the act passed by using money. That’s why the big corporate world hired them to make policies that may favor them.

How does the lobby system work?

Getting legality from the constitution and legislature act, the lobbying system becomes a pertinent part of the American political system. Big corporations, industries, tech giants, NGOs, pharmaceutical companies, etc. hire professional agents to pursue the congressmen for passing or stop legislature affect the client. They are using different tactics to make agree the legislators act accordingly.  They arrange dinners, lunch, parties, award tickets, exchange gifts and funds for the congressmen. The notorious lobbyist Jack Abramoff admitted publically that he spent 1 million dollars on legislators. His famous remarks against the congressmen are a big blot on the lobbying system. He said, “the shortest distance between a pending bill and a congressman’s “aye” was through his stomach”.

One of the main responsibilities of the lobbyist is to be an expert in legislative issues. He needs to know each and every bit of the legislative process. Even sometimes they draft the act for them. They try to arrange meetings for the client and congressmen, executives, and staff. They directly or indirectly persuade them to act according to the wishes of the client. Though congress tries to regularize the system to make it free of corruption when money is involved in the process of legislation, the dirtiness of the system can’t be stopped. That’s how Abramoff said that the regulated rules regarding the lobbying system had no teeth. The people in the process are part of the system, and humans are weak creatures to stand for.

Purpose of Lobby System

The main purpose of the lobby system is to protect the general public from the interest groups as wished by the founding fathers. Second, they have to assist the congressmen with the proposed law. They provide expert opinions to them because the workload is too high to cover all the angles of the law. They elaborate and explain the proposed law for the legislators. These are the positive and welfare acts for the country and general public but the system is so complex and notorious that it passed some rules totally favor the client. The best example is the 19th century ‘Gilded Age’, when the railroad lobby passed the subsidies laws, without it transcontinental railroad couldn’t be constructed.

In the modern world, there is a political lobby system, which worked to pass favorable laws for the country. The best example is the Israeli lobby, which protects Israel’s national interest by all means, even at the expense of American interest. Canadian lobby is also the strong one, which passed laws of steel to get favor from the American market. Later on, President Trump stopped that law. The European countries also got some favorites from the congress acts by using the lobbies. The Indian lobby is trying its best to pass rules which harm Pakistan and her interest.

Free America From Lobby System
Free America From Lobby System

Famous Lobby Organizations

  1. United States chamber
  2. AARP
  3. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
  4. National Association of Manufactures
  5. National Association of Realtors
  6. American Medical Association

Famous Lobbying Firms

1.      Akin Gump et al
2.      Brownstein Hyatt et
3.      BGR Group
4.      CornerstoneGovernmentAffairs
5.      Holland & Knight
6.      Invariant LLC
7.      Forbes Tate Partners
8.      Squire Patton Boggs
9.      Mehlman Castagnetti et al
10.  Crossroads Strategies

The lobby system has rooted in the old American political system, thus stands strong and tall. The industrial revolution has changed not only the living standard of people but their minds also. The mind changed from caring patriotic norms to the whole and sole of the corporate world. A world that has no feeling, no care, no hate or love, and even no heart. The heartless system took over the American political system and thus the freedom. It stopped the people to think freely, using free will, and living with freedom.

The corporate world injected its blood into the veins of the American congress. What they want, what they think, and what they do, all are being happened, regardless of whom is in power. Moreover, congressmen give priority more to the corporate world than the general public. They spend every minute to secure the interest of these lobby organizations. The agents forget the founding fathers’ wish to uphold the interest of the general Americans. The lobbyists have sold their spirit to the devil, and now they try to fulfill the unjust demands of the devil. We need to make America free again as we did on 4th July 1776 by abolishing these unjust and devilish lobby organizations. Because with these, American congress cannot pass laws and acts freely, and thus American people cannot send representatives freely.


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