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Indulging the world into Chaos; the Invisible Covid-19 or Human?

It is an imaginary story about covid-19 and its destruction.

I was resting in my room, the hefty downpour was pouring around evening time, suddenly thumping was begun, and I understood that it very well may be some visitor, yet my room was in an abandoned territory and no visitor was required to come. Who it would be outside, dread considering questions. The thumping escalated and expanded my dread more. I even couldn’t see that I am conscious or snoozing. What a bizarre circumstance it was? Could it be a friend, an animal or a human? The mind was breaking with these questions.

One thing which made me stunning I was separated from everyone else in the room? Where were my family, my dad, mother, cousins? Nobody was there. Did they lift me here to be eaten by that animal? Goodness, fears, disappear, I am arising, I am solid, I am dauntless, disappear.

The sound of thumping was coming closer, it was feeling that it was enticing me, yet how? Who opened the entryway for the apparition, who let him in? I didn’t know yet sweat was descending on my temple. I understood that the time was halted and the rest of the world was demolished. Just I was there on that planet to confront the threat of the universe. Goodness God, what should I do?

I just gathered my mental fortitude to make me fully aware of look that very apparition or hazard, which obliterated the entire world with the exception of me and now chasing me as the last prey. At the point when I opened my eyes, to my surprised, there was nothing in my room. I loosened up a little, yet the truth was cruel as that thing was imperceptible. So bizarre that he was spreading his hand to me and attempted to slaughter me. Be that as it may, I endure on the grounds that I didn’t look into WHO, specialists, Medicine cartel, impacted government offices and the elite cartel of the world.

They first spread apprehensions, second compelled to comply and now to control our foot, brain, qualities and even conviction. The covid-19, an invisible so-called enemy of humanity, creating a situation of starvation as the UN predicted. So who are worsen enemy of Humanity, virus or Elite cartel of the world? You must decide for yourselves because I survived and will survive next time also.

This is my imaginary story about the coronavirus as what I perceived from my surrounding. The destruction of the covid-19 virus is continuing in the world, though prevention of the virus is started in the world. As there are different companies given permission to make vicine and many are succeeded. They have started the doses to the people but the spread is very slow and the spreading is still at high speed. Let’s see what will be the outcome from the vicine and efforts of the world elite authority.

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