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How to Make Simple Mehndi Design?

Human by nature is simple so that he loves simple things and simple mehndi design. When we talk about celebration, simplicity becomes more vibrant in different colours and shapes. Mehndi is an important celebration task from the perspective of a woman. Mehndi and woman are now connotations or synonym to each other. In every event, Mehndi is essential. Beauty and looking beautiful is the inheritance of a woman and that inheritance can be enhanced more by using Mehndi. Mehndi or henna is a subcontinent product for ages. Now it is used all over the world but it is considered an Eastern tradition. The following are the simple Mehndi designs.

Types of Mehndi

There are two types of mehndi, black and green. The best one is green, while the black one is prepared artificially. Though both are used popularly all over the world.

Here you will enjoy some stunning images of Mehndi/henna in the simplest form. Though some vibrant and modern touch will also be there. But the Desi touch is more appealing and exuberant.

Working Women/ Office /Design

This image of henna is very simple and is very popular among office ladies. The working-class women love the simple designs Mehndi. There is no bombardment of stuff but little and simple.

Simple Mehndi Design for working Women
Simple henna Design for working Women

Student Mehndi skitch

This is the most famous design among young girls at university. Students love to design this type of Mehndi design. It is simple and easy to design. There is no need for the expertise required.

Simple Mehndi Design for students
Simple Henna Design for students

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabs are now very keen to use South Asia tradition in their ceremonial events. Among those traditions is henna design. They adapted the tradition into their local tradition, which is a blend of Arab and sub-continent design.

Simple Mehndi Design for Arabic Women
Simple henna Design for Arabic Women

Ramadan Mehndi Designs

Ramadan is a holy month of Islam. All Muslims over the world keep fasting in the month of Ramadan. Muslims especially woman start preparation to welcome the holy month. Houses are kept cleaning. Foods are stocked and make a list to help the needy. Girls start to design their hands with Mehndi or henna.

Simple Mehndi Design for Ramadan
Simple Mehndi Design for Ramadan

Wedding Mehndi Colours

Sub-continent is famous for wedding ceremonies. All the world watch with keen interest the wedding ceremonies especially Pakistani and Indian wedding events. This design is mostly used for wedding ceremonies.

Simple Mehndi Design for wedding
Simple Mehndi Design for wedding

Birthday Party Mehndi Design

Every year in every family is full of birthday parties. And it is fact that the party cannot pass without an attractive design for Mehndi. Girls are so keen to celebrate a birthday party at home. Guests invite with special instruction to design hands with birthday party hena design.  The back of the hand is used for this design most of the time.

Simple Mehndi Design Birthday Party
Simple henna Design Birthday Party

Tattoo Mehndi Design

Tattoo design is a western phenomenon in Asia especially South Asia. As a tattoo requires special equipment and devices, girls of sub-continent blend Mehndi/henna with a tattoo. This design is very popular with working women. In offices, Eastern women blend East and West in tattoo henna design. It is designed on the arm area mostly.

Simple Mehndi Design for Tattoo
Simple Henna Design for Tattoo

Valentine day Henna Design

12 February is known to every lover all over the world. Lovers are more tilted to attract each other with gifts and outfits. As far as henna colourful design is concerned, girls prepare themselves especially for this event with henna design. So they design valentine Mehndi for this event to mark a special day in their life.

Simple Mehndi Design for Valentine Day

Simple Mehndi Design for Valentine Day

Causal Mehndi Design

As Mehndi/henna is part of sub-continent girls, so they causally design henna on their hands. It is called everyday henna design. There is no need for great care to design but simple and attractive.

Simple Mehndi Design for Causal

Engagement Mehndi Design

Engagement henna design is also a simple in its design. Girls in engagement try to design simple henna with more colours but keep one thing more prominent and that is the engagement ring. The design is used in such a way that both ring and Mehndi look amazing and elegant.

Simple Mehndi Design for Causal

Design for Baraat

Barratt or departure of the groom is the last event in a wedding ceremony in the sub-continent. The bride’s hands are designed with special Mehndi. That design needs to be changed from the past events of the wedding.

Simple Mehndi Design for Baraat
Simple henna Design for Baraat

Chand Raat Design

Chand Raat a night before Eid, especially Eid ul Fitr is full of joy and celebration. Girls prepare themselves for this event with great care and enthusiasm.

Chand raat Mehndi design

Eid Mehndi Designs

Eid is one of the celebrated events among Muslims. There are two Eid every year one is called Eid ul Fitr and the second is Eid ul Adha. It is a religious event full of joy and happiness. Women get ready to design the Eid Mehndi. This is a front hand design.

Simple Mehndi Design for Eid
Mehndi Design for Eid

Holi Mehndi Designs

Holi is a Hindu religious festival celebrated by Hindu all over the world on 15 March. It is also called the festival of colours or the festival of spring. Mostly they throw different colours on each other. Girls prepare for it from the night. They get ready their dress along with a matching henna design.

Simple Mehndi Design for Holi
Simple Mehndi Design for Holi

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