How to Increase IQ Level?

How do we Increase IQ Level in Kids?

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An intelligence quotient (IQ) level is to measure a person’s intelligence abilities derived from the set of standardized tests in relation to age group. In general, it could be considered under the heading of “common IQ”. This means one has a proper correlation and understanding of the knowledge of the objects around them. In this modern world, parents force their children to get the first position in the class. As a result, some parents attempt to purchase artificial supplements in order to boost their children’s intelligence. They are of the opinion that doctors confirm it to enhance memory, which is not the case. It is not proved yet that there is some man-made medicine to boost memory. Though some are used for relaxation, that doesn’t do with intelligence or memory-booster.

In this cunning world, intelligence is considered vital in everyday life. This thing is seen in children, parents and adults who want to secure the future. There are some factors that can raise one’s IQ. Let’s discuss these in detail.

1. Parental environment for IQ

It means nutrition of the parents and nutrition condition of the home. Health is very crucial for IQ. If a person’s health suffers from a problem, his or her IQ level may drop or even stop. Awareness of parents regarding IQ level can benefit a child a lot. Educated parents’ children are more intelligent than uneducated parents. One study reveals the facts. It is parents who can provide a suitable environment for children which would enhance or boost their IQ level.

2. Natal events increase IQ level

The Natal period is very important because, in its term and time of delivery, premature or on-time delivery, birth weight, hereditary disease etc. are considered. These crucial factors are very significant for the child IQ level. If these factors are fully taken care of by the parents then it a pretty good chance that a child would have a good IQ level.

3. Postnatal events

Indeed postnatal events are as vital as natal events. Here, parents have huge duty to provide a fully healthy environment, healthy food, healthy nutrients and healthy company. All these events can play a key role in enhancing IQ level or intelligence/memories.

4. Daily habits can affect IQ level

The habits of a child are pivotal in enhancing IQs level. Parents need to inculcate such habits which can boost memories or intelligence. There are certain habits that can spoil the IQs level of a child. These are; excessive food, junk food, excessive TV/ internet, friendship with spoilers etc. These factors should avoid by parents for the sack of their child IQ level.

5. Surrounding environment is key for IQ

A surrounding environment is very basic to increase the IQ level. The child learns from the company around. Therefore, parents should keep eye on their child’s friends. Neighbours should also have a pivotal role in child upbringing. If neighbours are good and parents think they are good enough to help in upbringing their child, should keep relation with, otherwise avoid.

Keeping with the hold above factors, one could achieve the ideal IQ level. Due to a lack of knowledge, most parents buy IQ booster supplements for their children. They try to enhance IQ to prepare them for the exams even though without bearing in mind the above facts.

A study was conducted in India by Sagar Mahendrabhai Bhinde, Abhishek Patalia, Sunil Joshi, published as “FACTORS AFFECTING THE IQ OF CHILDREN – A SURVEY STUDY” reveals the following outcomes:

  1. Children with malnutrition have a 60% IQ level, 83% to 100% IQ level no malnutrition.
  2. 80% plus IQ children who have normal sleep, 50% or below with disturbed sleep.
  3. Less-educated parents low IQ in children, highly educated parents high IQ in children.
  4. Children with a healthy environment at home show a high percentage in IQ, as compare to an unhealthy environment.
  5. Economic condition is also crucial, sound economic condition can help the children to enhance IQ. The study shows that the good economic condition of parents’ children has a high IQ as compare to low economic condition.

In a nutshell, I must say that the above factors discussed are very significant for increasing IQ in children. But the exception is there that a child has a high IQ level though all the above factors are missing. We as parents have a duty and responsibility to provide good living condition with all the above-mentioned factors in all possible way.    

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