Angry people are not always wise

How Anger could be Overcome?


Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The strong man is not one who is good at wrestling, but the strong man is one who controls himself in a fit of anger”


Arran Stibbe said in “Ecolinguistics, language, ecology and the stories we live by” that we destroy our eco-system by our language, means using proper language can keep worthy the earth for the humans and other species to live in peacefully. Language patterns in the form of anger cause climate change and for the extinction of species from the earth.  The Ecolinguistics can make our earth suitable to live in if we take care of using language which pollutes the eco-system. Anger is one of emotion which extensively uses language in negatives connotation. Anger has some symptoms and anyone who understands the symptoms can easily control it. So let’s try to understand the anger and its symptoms.


Angry people are not always wise (Jane Austen)


What are the symptoms of anger?

There are sixteen chemicals inside our body. These chemicals make our emotions, our emotions determine our moods, and these moods shape our personality. The duration of each of our emotions is 12 minutes and these 12 minutes are very crucial in our life.

Anger is an emotion that is caused by a chemical reaction. Let’s understand it with an example, our body did not make insulin or it was too little, we ate too much salt, we did not get enough sleep or we went out on an empty stomach. What will be the result of this? We will have a chemical reaction inside us. This reaction will raise our blood pressure. And this blood pressure will make us angry and we will get angry. But now the thing to understand is, that vary emotion “flare-up” will only last 12 minutes. After 12 minutes our body will start producing chemicals that quench our anger. And so we’ll be down in the next 15 minutes. If we learn to manage twelve minutes of anger, then we will avoid the ravages of anger. WHY DO PEOPLE HATE EACH OTHER?

Is this narrative limited to anger only?

The answer is no! We have six basic emotions: anger, fear, hatred, surprise, pleasure and sadness. All these emotions have only twelve minutes of life span. We are feared for only 12 minutes, we laugh for only 12 minutes, we are sad for only 12 minutes, we hate for only 12 minutes, we are angry for 12 minutes and we are only surprised for 12 minutes. Our body normalizes all our emotions after twelve minutes.

Now the question is, there are many people who all day in a world of anger, sadness, hatred and fear, how it is possible?

Compare these emotions with fire. There is a fire in front of you, what would happen if you kept pouring a little oil on this fire and you kept putting dry wood on it? The fire will spread and it will continue to burn. Instead of extinguishing their emotions, most of us start pouring oil and wood on them, so the emotion that was supposed to return to normal in 12 minutes is spread over two, three days. If we don’t recover in two or three days, that passion becomes our long mood. And this mood becomes our personality. And so people start calling us angry man, sad man, fear man, surprised man and loving man.

Have you ever wondered why so many of us have surprise, laughter, hatred, fear, sadness or even anger on our faces all the time? The reason is obvious, the emotion knocked on his face for twelve minutes but he did not let it go back. And so that emotion, be it a surprise, laughter, hatred, fear, sadness or anger, became our personality. It has been written on our face forever and ever. If we have managed it for twelve minutes, it would have saved us from the misery of a lifetime. We would not be slaves to anyone emotion. We would not be blackmailed by our emotion.


Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be happy. (Roy T. Bennett)


Is love an emotion?

Love and lust are actually parents of all emotion. This emotion also lasts for only twelve minutes. If we don’t put new wood in the furnace, it will be finished in twelve minutes. But we foolish people tie it in a rope and hang it around our necks. Therefore, we become insane and are humiliated. If we human beings spend even twelve minutes of lust in this way, we will escape from sin, crime and humiliation, but we will not be able to do that and thus we will be stoned, killed, imprisoned and are humiliated. We are all prisoners for twelve minutes. If we can somehow get through this imprisonment, we can avoid long imprisonment, otherwise, these 12 minutes will leave us nowhere but keep us in confinement.

How do we manage these twelve minutes?

I will explain it with an incident which happened to me when I was working at the office. A person entered in anger, and ask me for a file. I told him I had signed your file and sent it back. But he did not believe, and he accused me of lying and misrepresentation and abused my mother and sister in such a way that I could not bear. My body and mind caught fire, but I knew that my condition would last only 12 minutes. So I got up quietly. I performed ablution and started praying. I spent 20 minutes on this process.

In those 20 minutes, my anger vanished and he also came to the truth. Now listen, if I had not prayed, I would have answered him the same way as he did. There would be bitter words between us. People would leave work and get together. There would have been fighting between us. I would tear his head off or he would hurt me but at the end of all this mischief! What would be the result? Turns out we were both fools. We ran after the dog all day without checking our ears with no gain. So I sat at the place of prayer and spent twelve minutes and in that way, I, he and the whole office survived that disaster. Our day and our honour were saved and that was because of 12 minutes break.

What activity one should do to spend 12 minutes?

Whenever you are overwhelmed by emotion. So shut your mouth first. Don’t speak a word, don’t even laugh, or go for a walk in the onslaught of fear, anger, sadness and pleasure, or take a bath, or do ablution, or keep quiet fast for 20 minutes, or ask for forgiveness, or call mother, children or friend, or start cleaning the room, or sit down, or lie down with ears and eyes closed, or get up and pray. Just pass the twelve minutes storm and I bet the tsunami will be no more.

Only an act of language can give us the ability to see and to create a new human condition, where we now only see barbarianism and violence. Only an act of language escaping the technical automatisms of financial capitalism will make possible the emergence of a new life form. (Berardi 2012)


To sum up, I must say that anger is the root cause of all disaster whether it is local or international and that disaster is dangerous for our eco-system. So keep saving the eco-system by keep away all these emotions which are harmful to the environment. Furthermore, it is our utmost responsibility to keep away ourselves and even other species present in our eco-system from the danger we creating on ourselves by emitting harmful emotions especially anger.

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