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Chinese Microwave weapon Against the Indian Army

Chinese microwave weapon is the latest technology in weapons to destroy opponents. It is a secret weapon that cannot be detected by anyone. It occurred as a result of an agreement between India and China to refrain from using weapons along the actual line of control (ALC). The secret was revealed by a Chinese professor in Beijing Mr. Jin Canrong.

Chinese will hit you, though you will laugh.

The professor’s statements about the weapon “microwave” were reported by a UK-based newspaper, who claimed that Chinese troops used this weapon to force Indian soldiers to withdraw from the peak of a strategically important mountain. They did because that very weapon made them violently ill.

A microwave weapon is the “electromagnetic weapon”, which have the capacity to boils human tissue. The laser can turn the mountain peaks into a microwave, release heat and forced the Indian soldiers to come down told by Jin.

The working of the weapon is the same as microwave actually do. It heats water molecules in the same way as the microwave in the kitchen. The Chinese weapons target water under the skin and cause increased pain in the body that has a range of up to 1 mile of radius. Apart from that, the weapon does not intend to cause permanent damage to the victims. Simply it is a weapon that can achieve short term success as police use water cannon. Although many people have shown concern and have been raised some valid question, like skin cancer or could damage eyes etc. Professor Jin cherished the Chinese troops for the use of such a weapon that could achieve great success with less destruction. A clever tactic that enables the Chinese army to take over the peaks of the mountains from the Indian army without violating a ban on gunfire along the controversial Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Chinese Microwave weapon to cook the Indian Soldiers in Himalayas: Courtesy: The tribune India
India and China Conflict, source, The Tribune India

According to the BBC, the weapons were used in August, weeks after deadly fighting broke out, involving rocks and nail bars that killed at least 20 Indian soldiers and put the two nuclear-armed forces on the brink of war. Jin told his students that within 15 minutes of deploying the weapons, “the occupied hilltops by the Indian soldiers all started to break.

Jin said that it was hard for them to get up, so they had flown away from the spot. He further said, the mountains were very high, and it could hard for the troops to go there, so they decided to use a new weapon that was a Microwave weapon.

It is not first that this weapon is used, but before China, the US had used it very similarly to this microwave weapon. But is considered that China has allegedly used it may be the first against enemy forces on a battlefield. The US had broken the secret about its weapon called ‘heat ray’, the Active Denial System in 2007. It was deployed in Afghanistan but had never used on the ground against the enemy, BBC unconfirmed reports.

The news of the weapon’s alleged use in the Himalayas comes at a critical point. Because China and India are discussing ways to ease tensions on the rugged mountain border. The two neighbouring countries have deployed thousands of troops, tanks and planes since tensions began in the June 2020 fatal accident. The two sides are now discussing a surprising withdrawal from the border area due to low temperatures that have dropped to -18 ° C. Jin was of the opinion that the microwave weapon was used after India deployed Tibetan soldiers. They are considered skilled mountainous terrain soldiers. They went there and conquer the two hilltops on August 29 this year. He said the local commanders of the Chinese army were under huge pressure to recapture the peaks.

The Central Military Commission of the Chinese army was angry upon the capture of the hilltops. Therefore, they ordered that the hilltops would be taken back. But the problem was that how to capture the hilltops without firing a single bullet. And it was at that point that they decided to use this new weapon at a high altitude., the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Information categorically denied the use of microwave weapons in the hilltops of the Himalayas. Military officials also declared that the news was fake. The spokesman said, “These reports are not true … they are completely unfounded.”

Whatever the fate of the news is because both sides deny it. This news was first reported by Chinese professor Jin, who was quoted in the media. The most valid suggestion is that they should refrain from the escalation of the conflict and need to settle the issue peacefully through dialogue.

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